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Antibacterial cutlery market grows fastest
- Jun 20, 2018 -

In 2012, sales of kitchen and bathroom products in China reached 127.6 billion yuan, an increase of 8.3%, making it the fastest growing category. Among them, stainless steel antibacterial cutlery is one of the fastest-growing varieties. The industry expects that by 2015, the sales revenue of domestic stainless steel antibacterial mealware will exceed 20 billion yuan. With the emphasis on the safety of food and tableware, health-safe new types of antibacterial stainless steel cutlery have gradually been noticed by the public. In Europe and the United States and Japan, the research of antibacterial materials has long been carried out, and a large number of products and materials with antibacterial and antibacterial properties have been produced. In China, the “antibacterial stainless steel” developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ metal has filled the gaps in the domestic market, and it has achieved large-scale production of antibacterial stainless steel raw materials. The successful application of antibacterial stainless steel in the field of cutlery has opened the green revolution of tableware.

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