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Antibacterial function
- Jun 21, 2018 -

The antibacterial and antibacterial functions of fabrics are sorted out, and nanometer processing technology and silver ion antibacterial treatment technology are used to make the fabrics have antibacterial and antifungal functions. Can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria, eliminate bacteria-induced odor and prevent the spread of the disease. It has broad-spectrum antibacterial properties, wide application range, non-toxic, environmental-friendly, non-polluting, strong antibacterial and bactericidal, and has long-lasting effect. And can be attached to excellent waterproof, anti-oil, easy to decontamination, or flame-retardant features and so on. Our products pass AATCC100, ASTM2149 and other European and American tests.

     Anti-bacterial anti-mildew properties and features

     Applicable fabrics:. Suitable for natural fibers (such as cotton), blended fibers (such as T / C), synthetic fibers (such as acrylic, polyester) and other fabrics, without affecting its original style and breathability.

     Multi-functional combination: can be combined with other functions of some of the convenience stores (such as water-absorbing and easy decontamination): double-sided multi-functional overlapping, double-sided power combination, single-sided multi-energy overlapping, making the fabric have a variety of functions Combination to suit different areas of product use.

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