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Can EMS fitness improve muscle endurance and reduce circumference?
- Jan 20, 2019 -

A study published in May 2005 [see References 3, 2005. The effects of neuromuscular electrical stimulation training on abdominal strength, endurance, and selected anthropometric measure.], for the strength and tolerance of the EMS to the abdomen Were studied:

Participants were 40 adults and the experimental period was 8 weeks.

Sixteen people in the control group were prohibited from performing exercise training within 8 weeks; 24 people in the experimental group used only EMS equipment during the test.

Before the start of the experiment, 3 sets of data were collected during the experiment and after the experiment. Each set of data contained abdominal isometric contraction force (collected by isokinetic muscle tester) muscle endurance (ACSM belly test), abdominal circumference measurement, and participation. Questionnaire survey of self-satisfaction. The results showed that the EMS experimental group had an increase in abdominal strength of 58%, abdominal muscle endurance increased by 100%, and waist circumference decreased by 3.5 cm. At the same time, all participants in the group felt that their abdomen became firmer, and 13 of them (54%) considered themselves The posture has become more straight.

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