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Color changing textile and Smart thermostat textile
- Jan 15, 2019 -

Color changing textile

A color-changing textile refers to a textile that can display different colors depending on changes in external environmental conditions (such as light, temperature, pressure, etc.). Color-changing textiles are widely used in various fields due to their unique properties. Civilian can be used to make fashionable color-changing garments and ever-changing decorative fabrics. Baby clothes can identify whether the baby has a fever, military can be used for military camouflage, and the anti-counterfeiting field can be used as anti-counterfeiting materials.

Color-changing textiles can be obtained by three methods: adding color-changing fibers to the fabric; dyeing with a color-changing dye; and printing with a color-changing paint.

Smart thermostat textile

Phase change materials are substances that can absorb or release potential heat from the environment by virtue of their own reversible phase transition within a certain temperature range. Using this property of phase change materials, it is possible to develop tempered textiles with intelligent temperature control and health care properties.

Such smart textiles can freely adjust the internal temperature of the textile within a certain temperature range according to changes in the ambient temperature. That is, when the ambient temperature rises, the phase change material absorbs heat and melts, stores heat; when the outside temperature drops. The phase change material condenses exotherm and releases heat, so that the internal temperature of the textile remains relatively stable. This feature makes it a wide range of applications.

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