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Diabetic Foot
- Jul 13, 2018 -

Diabetic Foot: It is a combination of factors such as foot pain, deep skin ulcers, and gangrene of the extremities. It is caused by abnormal nerves in the lower extremities and various degrees of peripheral vascular disease related to foot infections, ulcers, and Deep tissue destruction and loss of sensation due to neuropathy and loss of vitality due to ischemia, combined with infected foot called diabetic foot, is one of the chronic complications of diabetes and one of the leading causes of disability death in diabetic patients.

Diabetic people are prone to trauma due to the loss or reduction of foot force due to neuropathy. For diabetic patients, minor trauma can quickly lead to ulcers, infections and gangrene, which eventually necessitates amputation and the amputation rate is as high as 40%. Therefore, patients and doctors tend to pay more attention to diabetic foot ulcers, because it may lead to terrible endings of amputation, while neglecting small nerve damage, but in fact, small nerve damage is the most common, and is the culprit causing foot function damage. The culprit, and these damages can be prevented by educating and early treating the patient.

The general principles of treatment for diabetic foot gangrene are: strict control of blood sugar; local debridement, strengthening foot care; restricting activities, anti-infection; vasculature can be used when vasodilator is not severe, vasodilator drugs, severe cases require revascularization Surgery; neuropathic foot, should actively improve the nerve function, but whether it is ischemic or neurological foot ulcers, too aggressive and conservative treatment may lead to gangrene, should be timely and decisive amputation.

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