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Diabetic Socks
- Jul 14, 2018 -

1.diabetic patients: For diabetic patients, it is very important to choose the right socks. As we all know, diabetes itself is not terrible, terrible is the complications, and diabetic foot is one of the more common complications. According to the definition of the World Health Organization (WHO): Diabetic foot refers to the destruction of lower limb infection, ulcer formation and/or deep tissue caused by diabetic neuropathy and various degrees of peripheral vascular disease. Clinically, due to the long-term exposure to hyperglycemia in diabetic patients, lower extremity arteriosclerosis, thickening of blood vessel wall, and decreased elasticity, blood vessels are prone to thrombosis and accumulate into plaques, resulting in lower extremity vascular occlusion and branch nerve injury. Thereby causing lesions in the lower extremity. The "foot" is farthest from the heart, and the occlusion phenomenon is the most serious, causing edema, blackening, rot, necrosis and dislocation. Serious conditions require amputation and even jeopardy of illness, so the key to diabetic foot is daily care and protection. For diabetic patients, you must choose the right socks and give your feet enough care.

2. long-term standing workers (such as: salesman, operator, etc.).

3. The foot care of the workers on weekdays.


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