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​Electromagnetic shielding clothing washing and maintenance
- May 08, 2018 -

Electromagnetic shielding clothes have a long service life, and good care can be used for a long time. Electromagnetic shielding service washing and maintenance is divided into the following aspects:
1. Electromagnetic shielding clothing should be stored in a dry and ventilated place as much as possible.
2. Electromagnetic shielding suits should be hung when not in use to prevent functional fibers from breaking.
3. Electromagnetic shielding suits should not be placed with other chemicals.
4. The electromagnetic shielding clothes of metal fibers and silver fibers are washable (metalized fabrics are not recommended for washing).
5. Electromagnetic shielding suits must not be bleached when washing, or use detergents containing bleaching ingredients.
6. Neutral wash solution should be used for electromagnetic shielding suit washing. Brush with a soft brush.
7. Electromagnetic shielding suits should not exceed 40 degrees of washing water. When using tap water, it is best to dry for more than a quarter of an hour.
8. The electromagnetic shielding suit is not recommended for machine washing, and it cannot be screwed or thrown hard and dry naturally.
9. The electromagnetic shielding suit should not be ironed.

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