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How to choose the correct business deodorant socks?
- May 08, 2018 -

Raw materials: The raw materials of business socks determine its appearance, comfort and other indicators. The natural fiber content of good socks should be above 60%. Natural fibers include cotton, hemp, and mulberry silk.
Color: The color of the business socks must be single and opaque. When wearing it, it should be matched with the color of the trousers and the leather shoes. The color of the business socks is best between the trousers and the leather shoes. That is: the color is deeper than the trousers. More light than leather shoes.
Style pattern: formal business socks must be a solid color, ie: a color, there is no jacquard, printing or other designs, this is because the pure color of business socks can highlight the formal, serious feeling, but in daily life, also A pair of socks with simple jacquard or embroidered business socks can be selected to show individuality, but avoid fancy or sport socks instead.
Appearance: Good business socks should be slightly stretchy, socks so smooth, slightly shiny, do not avoid socks sagging or appear more folds, dark and dull.
Hosiery height standard: When sitting down or one leg is placed on the other leg, the leg skin is not exposed. In principle, the height of the business socks should cover the leg skin that may be exposed, and avoid socks that are only high in the ankle.

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