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How to choose the right socks
- Oct 27, 2018 -

1. “Stay loose and clear”

      The socks and the socks are tight, the bottom of the socks is loose, the heel of the socks is large, the surface of the socks is smooth, the mouth of the socks is smooth, the needles are clearly organized, and the patterns, socks, and heels are free of needles.

2. Dark pigment priority

     The dark pigment color is preferred, and the dark pigment color is resistant to dirt, and environmental protection, the brighter the color, the more chemical components are added inside.

3. Mainly in cotton socks

     Socks based on cotton fiber and with appropriate amount of elastic fiber are preferred.

4. Eco-socks with non-additives for anti-bacterial care (emphasis, focus, focus)

    It is highly recommended for pure silver cotton socks. This kind of socks is a perfect combination of ecological cotton and simple silver. It is comfortable and soft, antibacterial and health-care, and durable. It is your life!

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