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Postoperative rehabilitation of EMS
- Oct 03, 2018 -

EMS was used early in clinical medicine and postoperative rehabilitation. For example, when patients have completed surgery, they can strengthen specific muscle groups through EMS to prevent muscle atrophy or loss caused by prolonged training without recovery training. A study published by Kyoto University in Japan in 2011 [see Reference 6, Effect of early implementation of electrical muscle stimulation to preventmuscle atrophy and weakness in patients after anterior cruciate ligamentreconstruction], for EMS reconstruction of patients with ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) In the experiment, 20 patients with acute ACL tear were randomly divided into two groups, of which the control group used routine postoperative recovery training, while the EMS group received 20HZ EMS training. Both the control group and the EMS group were trained during the second to fourth week postoperative period. Experimental results EMS training group, regardless of muscle thickness, muscle strength is much higher than the control group.

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