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Silver fiber antibacterial mechanism
- Nov 27, 2018 -

First, silver and dissolved silver ions are in contact with bacterial proteins and nucleic acids, and react with functional groups containing sulfur and ammonia such as sulfhydryl groups (-SH) and amino groups (-NH) in proteins and nucleic acid molecules to achieve antibacterial purposes.

The second is photocatalytic reaction. Under the action of light, silver ions can act as catalytic active centers. Activates oxygen in water and air to produce hydroxyl radicals (-HO) and reactive oxygen ions (02). Reactive oxygen ions have strong oxidizing power, which can destroy the reproductive ability of bacteria and cause cell death in a short time. Achieve antibacterial purposes.

    Silver-plated fibers have a good deodorizing function because silver has a very high biological activity in a warm and humid environment and is easily combined with other substances.

At this time, the silver ions on the fiber solidify by inhibiting the protein inside and outside the bacterial cell membrane, killing or inhibiting the growth of the bacteria, preventing the odor generated by the spoilage of the organic matter, and achieving the purpose of deodorization.

    It is reported that when the blended yarn contains 3% AGposs silver fiber (produced by Mitsutuji Textile), 99.9% of Staphylococcus can be removed within 1 h, and stable antibacterial property is maintained for a long time without mixing 3%. The total number of colonies per milliliter of reference fiber of AGposs is more than 500 times that of the original: 100% AGposs silver fiber can reduce the total number of colonies per gram of rhododendron from 100,000 to less than 100 within 18 h, while the reference fiber It is almost impossible to reduce the number of Trichophyton rubrum. In addition, X-Static silver fiber has been tested to resist 99.9% of S. aureus, Escherichia coli, and white bacterium, which are exposed to the surface within 1 hour.

therefore. Silver-plated fiber is a broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, safe and durable antibacterial deodorant fiber.

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