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Silver fiber mask
- Oct 10, 2018 -

People breathe with a mask, and whether the smoothness is determined by the resistance of the mask ventilation. So how is the ventilation resistance of the mask measured?

For the same type of mask, we randomly take three samples for testing. Align the center of the mask with the test port of the instrument. Adjust the gas flow rate of the test to (8±0.2) L/min, then start the instrument and test the two sides of the mask. The pressure difference (Pa). Since the test area is fixed (4.9 cm2 round), the pressure difference (Pa/cm2) of the outlet hood is obtained by calculating the ratio of the pressure difference to the area. The requirement for ventilation assistance for disposable medical mask standard YY/T 0969-2013 is that the ventilation resistance for gas exchange on both sides of the mask should be no more than 49 Pa/cm2


According to the previous sampling data, the conventional N95 mask (BFE>95%) on the market, the pass rate of ventilation resistance is close to 100%. Therefore, when purchasing a disposable mask every day, you can check whether there are N95 or BEF>95% filter marks on the package to ensure smooth breathing when wearing. The silver fiber antibacterial dust mask developed by Kazhtex uses the antibacterial new technology silver fiber filter cloth to combine the traditional design and manufacturing process with the modern antibacterial technology. The product is comfortable and beautiful, and the antibacterial filtering effect is good. It is worth a try!

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