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Silver fiber radiation protection advantages
- Jun 24, 2018 -

Speaking of radiation suits, expectant mothers are no longer strangers. The silver fiber radiation protection clothing is even more a variety of fabric radiation protection clothes in the most favored mothers. So what kind of advantages does the silver fiber radiation suit have in the end, so that the mother-in-waiting mother is so tempted?

First, higher comfort

Pregnant women friends who are familiar with radiation suits know. The radiation protection clothing mainly includes two kinds of metal fibers and silver fibers, and the silver fiber material has better feel and feel than the metal fibers. It is comfortable, breathable, and not stiff. And it is well formed and more supple.

Silver fiber radiation protection

Silver fiber radiation protection

Second, good antibacterial properties

Speaking of the antibacterial properties of silver fibers, this is also a little physics and chemistry. Silver is a chemical element with the chemical symbol Ag and an atomic number of 47. The silver fiber has antibacterial function because the silver ions can adsorb microorganisms in the liquid state and make the enzymes that the microorganisms rely on to lose their function, thus eliminating the microorganisms. The antibacterial activity of silver ions is amazing. A few milligrams of silver can purify 1 kilogram of water. Another example is that ordinary antibiotics can eliminate six different pathogens, while silver-containing antibiotics can eliminate more than 650 pathogens. This characteristic of silver material was widely used in medicine as early as 2,000 years ago. Ancient nobles also favored silver cutlery.

Third, excellent radiation resistance

Silver is a beautiful silver-white metal. It has good flexibility and ductility, and its electrical conductivity and heat transfer are the highest in the metal. Silver

Silver fiber radiation protection

Silver fiber radiation protection

Therefore, it can be used to make silver fibers and then to produce garments. This is also due to this characteristic. Good electrical conductivity determines that its radiation resistance in radiation protection materials is much better than that of metal fibers. When the silver fiber fabric touches the surrounding electromagnetic field, the electromagnetic wave can be refracted, reflected or converted into thermal energy to disperse at a faster speed and higher efficiency.

Of course, for consumers, the silver fiber radiation suit is not a 100% "perfectionist." Silver is rare in the earth's crust and belongs to precious metals no matter in which country. In China, the number of silver ore reserves is the largest in Central South China, followed by several large regions such as East China and Southwest China. Therefore, the scarcity of silver determines that the price of silver products including silver fiber radiation protection clothing is much higher than that of ordinary metal fiber radiation protection clothing. At the same time, due to the oxidation characteristics of silver, long-term wear of silver fiber radiation protection clothing such as touching water droplets, sweat, etc., may have different degrees of darkening of the color, etc., although it does not affect the radiation resistance of clothing, but for the beautiful Have a slight effect. Therefore, when wearing silver fiber radiation suits, be sure to pay attention to maintenance. Of course, some brands in the market have used advanced technology to perform anti-oxidation treatment on certain silver fiber fabrics beforehand. Therefore, the anti-oxidation of clothing has been greatly improved.


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