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Silver fiber radiation suit detection method
- Jun 23, 2018 -

The effect of radiation protection clothing must be detected with a high-precision leakage energy meter. The average consumer does not have such a high-precision instrument.

Many buyers choose to use the mobile phone method to detect. The mobile phone package is a simple and intuitive method, but the mobile phone package does not measure the radiation protection effect very accurately, because the strength of different mobile phone signals on the market is not the same, and the signal strength of different locations is not the same. The detection method shields the signal. The signal is emitted from the tower and belongs to far-field radiation. The general launch tower is located more than 20 meters away from the residential area. The radiation intensity is very small and does not harm the human body. The most important protection against radiation suits is near-field radiation, such as computers and superiors, which are close to the human body or even zero distance radiation sources.

There are several methods for detecting radiation suits:

1, professional agency identification.

General radiation protection clothing manufacturers will send radiation protection clothing and fabrics to authoritative organizations for detection. The effect of radiation protection is in the test report.

2, measure the conductivity of the clothes

The radiation protection fabric and the ordinary fabric have the essential difference. The radiation protection fabric has good conductive performance. The user can get the clothes to the appliance maintenance department, and the master can use the universal meter to check the conductivity of the clothes. The ordinary clothes have no conductive performance.

3, noise interference method

Find a fixed phone, press the handsfree key, and the foreign voice, then use your phone to call 10086 or 10010 in front of the fixed phone to enter the call. The mobile phone is close to the fixed telephone. Collecting the electromagnetic radiation emitted will interfere with the fixed telephone, and the fixed telephone makes loud noise. At this time, using radiation-proof clothes to cover the fixed telephones, the noise will be significantly reduced, or even disappear, indicating that radiation protection suits can shield most of the near-field radiation emitted by mobile phones.

4. Burning method

Suitable for the detection of metal fiber radiation suits. General metal fiber radiation protection clothing will be equipped with a small piece of metal fiber fabric for the user to burn the test, this piece of fabric will then reveal a very dense layer of stainless steel fiber mesh, which shows that this piece of clothing has a radiation protection effect. Without this layer of radiation-proof fiber mesh, metal fiber radiation protection clothing may be counterfeit.

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