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Silver fiber radiation suit washing and maintenance
- Jun 22, 2018 -


Silver fiber radiation suits can be washed, and care should be taken when washing: Wash with a neutral detergent, be light and light, and do not wring out after washing. Do not expose to sunlight or bleach. Temperature control below 40 °C, it is best not to iron, if it is very ironed, ironing cloth should be used, the temperature should not be too high.

But it is recommended not to wash, because the silver fiber is the finest metal, there will be breakpoints after rubbing, radiation protection effect is not good, in the selection of radiation suits, it is better to buy two layers, the outside is cotton, The inner layer is silver fiber, then remove the silver fiber and wash only the clothes. Try to use clothes hangers to hang, do not stack, and do not press below.


Silver fiber radiation protection clothing, like food, also has a shelf life, and it is better worn during the shelf life. Caused by the silver fiber radiation protection effect is mainly due to the oxidation of silver fiber, like with silver jewelry, with a long time will be black, silver fiber fabric will wear after a period of time will turn black, this is a normal phenomenon. So how to make silver fiber radiation suit wear longer, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of silver fiber radiation suit.

Exposure to natural oxidation in the air, oxidation in acidic or alkaline environments, high temperatures lead to accelerated oxidation, accelerated oxidation in the presence of strong oxidants.

1, exposed to the natural oxidation of air:

As long as wearing a radiation suit, it is inevitable to be exposed to the air, only when not wearing radiation suits, the radiation suit into the plastic bag to isolate the air, which can greatly slow down the oxidation rate of the silver fiber. General manufacturers will be equipped with silver fiber radiation protection bag equipped with antioxidant.

2, acidic and alkaline environment:

Silver is oxidized faster in acidic and alkaline environments than in neutral environments. Therefore, care must be taken to wash silver fiber radiation protection clothes with neutral detergents, which are generally sold in supermarkets. While ordinary laundry detergent is acidic, the soap is alkaline.

3, the temperature is too high:

The oxidation rate of silver accelerates with increasing temperature. Therefore, when washing silver fiber radiation protection clothes, care must be taken that the water temperature is not too high, and it is appropriate for the temperature to be less than 40°C. Clothing should not be exposed to the sun, if exposed to silver fiber fabrics will soon be traces of oxidation.

4, strong oxidants:

Strong oxidants, such as bleaching powders, can greatly accelerate the oxidation of silver fibers, so washing silver fiber radiation protection clothing must never be bleached.

In addition, the silver fiber radiation protection clothing should pay attention to the softness and lightness during the washing process, and do not twist it. It is advisable to reduce the number of washings as much as possible. After all, more or less silver in the silver fiber will be lost during the washing process.

Many expectant mothers have a misunderstanding that there is no radiation protection effect when silver fabrics are darkened. This is not the case. After darkening, the clothes are still effective, but the effect is gradually reduced. As long as the attention is paid to the maintenance methods of the above silver fiber radiation protection suits, it is absolutely no problem to wear one silver fiber radiation protection suit for a complete pregnancy.

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