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The benefits of wearing silver fiber clothes
- Jan 06, 2019 -

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, silver fiber clothes are becoming more and more popular in everyone's life. Today, Suzhou TEK Silver Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. talked with you about the benefits of wearing silver fiber clothes.

  First of all, silver fiber clothes can absorb "toxins". Our human body emits "toxins" that our body rejects every day, and silver can absorb these "toxins". Wearing a silver coat for a baby can also remove the "fetal poison" from the baby. As recorded in the "Compendium of Materia Medica", the silver can be safe and filthy, and it is necessary to stop the horror. It can effectively calm the baby's crying and uncertainty caused by fright. Silver can generate a magnetic field within a certain range, releasing a large amount of silver ions, which has certain health effects for babies! Since the thermal conductivity of silver is prominent in all precious metals, it can quickly dissipate heat from blood vessels and blood, and has a good heat dissipation function for infants with fever, keeping the baby's body constant. Therefore, it has the effect of heat dissipation and heat preservation.

  Suzhou Tek  Silver Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. takes "silver care, quality life" as its tenet, and continuously introduces silver products that have been exported for more than ten years into China, giving the elites a conscience, technology comfort and luxury. Experience, welcome to come to consult!

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