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The body's regulation of body temperature on a warm day
- Feb 08, 2019 -

(1) A large amount of sweat evaporation is released by evaporation-capillary pores to release excess heat energy, but does not emit radiant energy.

(2) Conduction or convection - soak the human body in cold water or wear a heat-conducting material to transfer heat energy from the skin to the external environment. "Silver" is the highest element of heat conduction on the earth, and the hot day can quickly transmit the temperature on the skin. Lower body temperature.

In cold weather, the pores of the human body are no longer wicked by a large amount of sweat, and instead emit radiant energy to regulate body temperature. 90% of body temperature loss is due to radiation, and it is kept in cold weather. The most effective way is to store or reflect radiant energy. Back to the body, "silver" is the most effective storage and reflection material. Therefore, in cold weather, the reflection is far better than conduction, and the silver fiber produces an excellent thermal insulation effect (silver thermos effect).

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