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The difference between silver fiber underwear and ordinary underwear
- May 08, 2018 -

1. With radiation protection. It can be seen from the above that the silver fiber underwear is made by sewing silver fiber fabric. The silver fiber anti-radiation fabric is a product made by overlaying silver ions on the fiber surface and blending cotton fabrics. Silver has strong electrical conductivity and can effectively shield electromagnetic radiation from everyday life.
2. With antibacterial, deodorant effect. Underpants are clothing that is in direct contact with the privacy of the human body, so most of the underwear's production materials are antibacterial, but the antibacterial and deodorizing effects of silver fiber underwear are stronger than ordinary underwear.
3. Natural non-irritating. The raw materials for the production of silver fiber underwear are mainly silver ions, and the flexibility of silver is more than twice that of common materials. It is natural and non-irritating compared to ordinary underwear.
4. Heat insulation. There is another important difference between the silver fiber underwear and the ordinary underwear is that the heat insulation and moisture retention, silver fiber underwear thermal insulation performance: silver fiber is a product with thermal conductivity.

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