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The human body is a large capacitor
- Feb 02, 2019 -

After the 1950s, people unveiled the mystery. It turns out that every cell of an animal has a complete cell membrane. The cell membrane has two layers of fat molecules, and the charged ions in the cell must pass through the ion channel to pass through the cell membrane. In normal times, there are many potassium ions in the cells, and there are many sodium ions in the extracellular solution, and a potential difference is generated inside and outside the cell, which is the membrane potential. When the animal is strenuously moving, the cell membrane channel is opened, and the extracellular extra-concentration solution flows into the cell, and an action potential is generated. The cells are arranged neatly, which is like connecting a small capacitor in series. Although each battery is only 0.1 volt, if there are hundreds of millions of such small capacitors, then its voltage is not small. This is why some organisms have high voltages for bioelectricity.

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