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The principle of Kazhtex silver fiber
- Feb 10, 2019 -

This year, with the theme of health, silver fiber wicking, warm series, long and short sleeves, using silver antibacterial and regulating body temperature characteristics, wearing warm winter and cool summer, the wearer can also avoid the smell caused by bacteria adhesion, At the same time, it has the comfort of electromagnetic waves. It will definitely bring you different comforts in the past. Conduction is the main means of transferring heat, and KAZHTEX silver fiber can accelerate the heat out of the human skin. It is completely different from the traditional fabric, which is the heat conduction obstruction. It directs the heat of the human skin to the surrounding air, which makes the body feel cool. · Moisture transmission, As mentioned earlier, silver fibers accelerate moisture movement by evaporation. On hot days, silver fiber garments minimize moisture contact with the skin, thus improving comfort. Antistatic: People often encounter problems such as electrostatic shock and static adhesion. In some industrial production, this can cause serious harm. It is well known that silver is the most conductive object, so KAZHTEX silver fiber is an excellent antistatic textile. In clothing or footwear, there are not many KAZHTEX silver fiber materials, which can quickly dissipate the frictional charge and make the static electricity disappear, making it a safe and comfortable product.

· Conductive action, there are thousands of nerves in the human body leading to the surface of the skin, there are more than 7,000 nerve endings on the sole of the foot, through which electrical signals are transmitted, including pain and discomfort. Because silver is the best conductor, KAZHTEX silver fiber products will accumulate the charge on the surface of the skin and dissipate it, which will reduce the discomfort;

Magnetic action, a magnetic field is generated when electricity flows through the medium. When silver fibers conduct human current, they form a magnetic field around the body. Recently, many health science research units have reported the belief that they surpass the traditional magnetic therapy effect, claiming that magnetic products can strengthen human blood flow and reduce edema. I believe that silver coated fiber products will be of great use.


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