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The principle of reflection absorption of electromagnetic waves by Kazhtex® silver fabric
- Nov 30, 2018 -

Just as the light from the light flashlight passes through the palm of the hand, electromagnetic waves can also reflect, absorb, and transmit when they are irradiated onto the surface of the silver fiber fabric.


When electromagnetic waves enter the fabric from space, some electromagnetic waves are reflected due to the sudden change of the impedance value of the wave. The more continuous the conductive film on the surface of the fabric, the more the reflection is, so the fabric used to reflect the electromagnetic waves must be woven tightly (such as SCN001). The silver film is continuous; a portion of the electromagnetic waves enter the silver fibers of the fabric, where energy decay occurs. The thicker the fabric or the higher the proportion of silver fiber, the greater the attenuation. The electromagnetic wave is not limited to the free space in the silver fiber, so it is confined to it and is accompanied by absorption loss in repeated oscillation. Therefore, the silver fiber fabric used to absorb the electromagnetic gun not only needs to increase the proportion of silver fiber, but also increase the thickness of the fabric (such as the absorbing fabric SCN374 can even reach 90DB); depending on the organizational structure of the design, there may be very little in the end. The electromagnetic waves pass through the silver fabric and reach the other side of the space.


In addition to the reflection and absorption of electromagnetic waves by the above-mentioned mechanism, the thickness of the silver fiber itself and the size of the silver particles also have an influence on the shielding performance. Kazhtex® silver fiber silver plated layer has a thickness of tens of nanometers to hundreds of nanometers of uneven silver particle layer, the electron energy level near the Fermi surface of the silver particle changes from quasi-continuous to discrete energy level, and the quantum size effect makes the silver particle electron The energy level splits, and the energy level intervals of the splitting are some in the energy range of the electromagnetic wave, thus forming a new absorbing channel, and the atomic density near the surface layer of the nano-scale silver particles is reduced, resulting in enhanced light absorption and enhanced magnetic properties. To increase the absorption of electromagnetic waves

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