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What are the current silver fiber textile products?
- May 08, 2018 -

1. Sterilized underpants---The elastic underpants made of pure silver fiber and the pure silver fibers in the underarm triangle can effectively sterilize and prevent odors. It has a health care effect for women of all ages.
2. Anti-odor socks --- This kind of socks can massage the feet, prevent swelling of the ankles, and promote blood circulation in the foot.
3. Health bottom stockings --- This kind of foot protection socks have massage, antibacterial, deodorizing, heat balance and anti-swelling effects on the feet.
4. Pantyhose for pregnant women --- On the abdomen of pantyhose, there are pure silver fibers on the underarm triangle and sole. Its role can protect the fetus in the abdomen from electromagnetic pollution, and it can sterilize and keep the body free from bacteria. At the same time, the elastic belt of the waist and abdomen can effectively support the weight of the entire abdomen so that it does not droop too much. v5. Other textile products: towels, bandages, sterilized cotton, white coats, curtains, carpets, cloth toys, paper towels, masks, maternity and child care products, sofa futon padding, hospital disposables, bed sheets, underwear, underwear, baby clothes And diapers, sportswear, medical surgical clothing, shielding clothes and so on.

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