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What is the role of silver fiber underwear?
- Aug 16, 2018 -

1.Radiation protection

Silver has good electrical conductivity, which is several times or even more than 100 times that of ordinary metal materials. The conductive properties of silver can effectively shield the electromagnetic radiation in daily life.

2.Strong antibacterial

Underpants are places that are in direct contact with people's private places, so the general underwear will be made with skin-friendly and non-irritating materials. The silver fiber underwear is not only skin-friendly and non-irritating, but also has strong bactericidal properties. The sterilization principle of silver fiber underwear is to block the physiological process of bacteria, that is, it mainly uses the biological activity of silver ions to combine it with other substances, so that the proteins inside and outside the bacterial cell membrane coagulate, thereby blocking the reproduction of bacteria and antibacterial. effect

3. All natural

Silver fiber underwear is a pair of underwear made of silver fiber. The silver ion in silver fiber is a natural element formed by nature. It has a skin-friendly, non-irritating all-natural property. Therefore, people can wear silver fiber underwear with confidence.

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