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What kinds of anti-static fabrics are there?
- Dec 07, 2018 -

1, anti-static clean fabric

Also known as "conductive silk", special polyester filaments and high-performance permanent conductive fibers are woven by special techniques, warp-embedded or warp-knitted conductive fibers. It has excellent anti-static and dustproof performance, high-efficiency, permanent anti-static, dust-proof performance, soft, thin and smooth, and has a clear texture. It is mainly used for making dustproof and anti-static clothing.

Conductor wire size: 10MM stripe 5MM stripe 10MM grid 5MM grid 2.5MM grid.

2, anti-static ultra-clean fabric

It is made of special polyester filament, warp and weft-embedded conductive fiber, and processed by special process. It not only has excellent anti-static function, but also effectively prevents the fabric fiber from falling off and the fine dust particles from oozing out from the gap of the fabric. It is also resistant to environmental influences (high temperature resistance) and chemically stable (washing resistant). Suitable for clean rooms from 10 to 100.

3, anti-static knitted fabric

It is made by knitting a series of conductive fibers and special polyester filaments. Anti-static knit fabric not only eliminates static electricity but also does not dust. It also has the characteristics of ordinary knit fabric, which is breathable, warm and comfortable. It is a new generation of anti-static fabric that meets human health requirements.

4, anti-static dustproof fabric

The polyester fiber short-staple fine-spun yarn fabric is woven into the conductive fiber (pitch 1.2cm) at a medium pitch, and is finished by a special process. The fabric density is larger than that of the ordinary fabric, and has the functions of anti-static and anti-combustion. The fabric is sturdy, soft, comfortable, moisture absorbing and breathable.

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