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Why can silver be sterilized?
- Oct 20, 2018 -

Silver has been found to have excellent antibacterial properties since ancient times. As early as in a Pharmacopoeia published in Rome in 69 BC, silver nitrate was described as a medicine. As early as in the Ming Dynasty, China’s "Compendium of Materia Medica" contained "silver shards, Anwu viscera, centered, horrified, and evil. The record of the service can be light.


The application of silver in modern medicine


1% of AgNO3 can be used in eye drops, and 0.1-1ppm of silver can disinfect water in swimming pools. 0.5% AgNO3 solution was used for burns and wounds. 10-20% AgNO3 smear can be used to treat cervical erosion, silver sulfadiazine is used for natural painless repair of wounds, without skin grafting, 50 times stronger than simple sulfonamide activity. Colloidal silver is used for gynecological disinfection. Silver-plated materials can be used to make sutures, catheters, dressings, and cups.


The ability of silver to kill or inhibit pathogenic microorganisms has been confirmed by many studies [5-8]. Among the antimicrobial preparations, silver is unique because of its broad spectrum, and it is effective against various types of microorganisms, including G+ bacteria, G-bacteria, spore-forming bacteria, fungi, viruses, and the like. According to 1978 Science

Digest reports that “an antibiotic kills about 6 pathogens, while silver can kill 650 microorganisms without resistance.” It is the most natural, safe, efficient and broad-spectrum antibacterial material widely recognized by scientists internationally. .


Silver sterilization mechanism


Metal ions contact reaction. This is the most common antibacterial mechanism of inorganic antibacterial agents. The high reflectivity and high conductivity of silver are positively correlated with the electronic activity of the outermost layer of silver atoms. Silver ions have a positive charge, the cell wall and cell membrane of the bacteria have a negative charge, adsorbing silver ions, and because the reaction energy of silver and sulfur is very low, silver ions enter the cells through the cell wall and cell membrane, and rapidly metabolize with oxygen. The combination of sulfhydryl groups (-SH) inactivates the enzyme and blocks respiratory metabolism to suffocate and die.

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