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Anti-bacterial Fabric
- May 29, 2018 -

With the continuous improvement of economy and living standards, people are paying more and more attention to their own health. Many products in daily life contain a large number of microorganisms that threaten our health at every moment and hide unexpected dangers. According to statistics from WHO in 1998, the number of deaths per year worldwide is about 52 million, of which about 33% are deaths caused by microbial-related diseases. An important way to prevent disease is to cut off the route of transmission. Antibacterial products are a control measure to inhibit the growth of bacteria and prevent bacterial textiles, and can reduce the human body's invasion of foreign microbial activities.

    Compared to microorganisms in nature, human skin is a good nutrient. Under normal circumstances, some resident bacteria on the skin of humans play a role in protecting the skin from pathogenic bacteria. However, once the microbial flora in the microorganisms is disordered, a small number of them will multiply in large numbers and pass through the skin, respiratory tract, digestive tract, and The reproductive tract mucosa causes harm to the human body. In the process of human body wearing, textiles produce a lot of sweat, sebum, and other body secretions. At the same time, they are also contaminated by the dirt in the environment and become an important medium in the process of reproduction and transmission of germs. There is a need for textiles that are resistant to bacteria to meet health requirements.

    The traditional antibacterial fabric is a post-treatment technology, that is, the antibacterial agent is added to the fabric through the subsequent shaping process of the fabric. The post-treatment process is relatively simple, but with the increase in the number of washing clothes, the antibacterial effect is greatly reduced, so that it can not play an antibacterial effect. With the development of textile technology, silver fibers with excellent antibacterial properties have emerged. The antibacterial, bactericidal and antibacterial effects are long-lasting. harm. Through the inspection of the national authoritative department, it has reached the national standard GB/T20944.3-2008 and has excellent antibacterial effect.

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