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Barefoot Is Not Afraid To Wear Shoes
- Jul 05, 2018 -

"The bare feet are not afraid to wear shoes." Since the Ming Dynasty, this spoken language has become popular; some people think that this is a sentence that the poor are not afraid of the rich. But why not say "no money, no money, no money"? The true meaning of this sentence is that people who love barefoot have a long life and will look at the early death of wearing shoes. You see, children don't like to wear shoes, take off their shoes and socks and play on the beach. They are especially happy. The girls took off their shoes and socks and soaked their feet in the river. They were very happy. People went to the beach and took off their shoes and socks. Very happy. In turn, you put shoes on your pets, and it doesn't want to live or die.

Is this just a habit problem? No. This is the animal's nature, this is the grounding gas. Because animals have to release excess bioelectricity. If the animal's bio-electricity is redundant, it is not only easy to be struck by lightning, but the animal will feel uncomfortable.

The secret of the golden millennium of the big tree

Large trees can survive for thousands of years. In fact, pine trees can last up to 3,000 years. Why is the tree so long-lived? Because the big tree has roots and the roots are deep, it can not only effectively absorb the nutrients in the soil, but also fully absorb the "ground gas." Why is pine tree the birthday star in the tree? Because the roots of pine trees are extremely deep, they absorb the energy of the earth, which makes them grow hard and strong.

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