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Classification Of Electromagnetic Radiation
- Nov 18, 2018 -

Electromagnetic pollution sources are generally divided into two major categories of natural and artificial. Natural electromagnetic pollution, such as lightning, volcanic eruptions, and magnetic storms caused by earthquakes and sunspots, can cause electromagnetic interference. The artificial electromagnetic pollution mainly comes from high-frequency induction heating equipment (such as high-frequency quenching, high-frequency welding, high-frequency melting, etc.), high-frequency medium heating equipment (such as plastic heat sealing machine, high-frequency drying processor, medium heating linkage, etc.) , short-wave and ultra-short-wave physiotherapy machines, radio transmitters, microwaves and heaters and launchers, as well as automotive spark interference sources. At present, the sources of radiation pollution in urban environments are mainly the transmitting antennas of FM radio and television. The main ways of electromagnetic pollution and propagation are space radiation, wire propagation and composite pollution.

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