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Factors Affecting Electromagnetic Radiation
- Nov 25, 2018 -

Electromagnetic waves interact with living organisms and can be absorbed by biological materials. However, in all cases, people are injured by electromagnetic radiation and "electromagnetic poisoning" occurs. The degree of electromagnetic radiation damage to the human body is related to the following factors: 1 Electromagnetic field strength. The higher the electromagnetic field strength around the human body, the more energy is absorbed by the human body, and the more serious the damage is, that is, the greater the power of the radiation source, the closer the radiation source is, the higher the electromagnetic field strength, and the heavier the human body is injured. 2 electromagnetic radiation frequency. The higher the frequency of electromagnetic radiation, the more obvious the thermal effect of the body, and the more serious the damage to the human body. Under the interaction, the pulse wave is more harmful to the human body than the continuous wave. 3 The depth of electromagnetic waves entering the body. The more electromagnetic waves enter the body, the greater the damage to humans. The depth of electromagnetic waves entering the body is related to many factors, such as the electromagnetic wave band, the current form, the electromagnetic wave entering the body angle (incident angle), the tissue water content and the tissue type, and the organization. Dielectric constant and conductivity, etc. 4 irradiation time. Electromagnetic fields have a cumulative effect on the human body. Therefore, the longer the body receives radiation, the shorter the interval and the heavier the injury. 5 surroundings. When the ambient temperature is too high, it is not conducive to the body's emission of thermal energy converted by electromagnetic energy, which causes the temperature inside the body to rise and the electromagnetic field damage to increase. 6 individual differences. The degree of damage caused by electromagnetic fields to the human body varies from individual to individual. Generally speaking, in the same situation, women are more serious than men, children are more serious than adults, and thinner people are more severe than fat, which may be related to the water content of the human body.

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