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- Jul 12, 2018 -

"Grounding " is the favorite of the elderly. In fact, this is true. I have not noticed this problem in the past, because after retirement, sitting in front of the computer at home is a few hours. As a result, the whole body arteries are hardened, especially the symptoms of the legs and feet are serious. As the saying goes, "the old man has the old legs", it is not false. Sometimes I walk a little more, and my feet hurt. Later, the author was forced to go out for half an hour to an hour every morning and night, and it really felt a lot better. It definitely has a lot to do with "grounding gas." Especially when the eyes are dry, go outside and exercise, and look at the green eyes, the body and mind are much more comfortable! Modern people even have office housing, the vast majority are in midair, can be "grounded" is really rare, coupled with poor diet, irregular rest, high desire, stress, a lot of diseases will soon come to the door, So, it is not surprising that many young people suffer from geriatric diseases! Moreover, the people of heaven and earth are a whole, but we have to separate them. Can you say that it can be harmonious? Can you not get sick? Therefore, as much as possible "grounding " should be the best recipe for our daily health care, not to mention "grounding " is free? !

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