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How To Easily Test The Effectiveness Of Radiation Suits
- Jun 14, 2018 -

What methods can be used for rapid and scientific detection of radiation suits? The average consumer can detect the shielding effect in daily life through the following simple methods:


Method one: conductive test method

The surface resistance of the silver fiber radiation protective clothing detected by the multimeter is relatively low, indicating that its conductivity is good, and the ordinary fabric has no conductive property;


Method Two: Sound Test Method


You can prepare a stereo and two mobile phones. The first experiment is to turn on the audio, place a cell phone next to it, and dial the phone with another cell phone. After the phone is connected, you will find that the sound is sizzled. This is due to acoustic radiation. Caused by the interaction with mobile phone radiation; the second experiment, the silver fiber radiation suit wrapped in the sound of the outside, dial the phone again, you will find that the sound is not emitted AIDS noise, to prove that the silver fiber radiation suit is useful.


Method 3: Cell Signal Detection

After wrapping the phone with the silver fiber radiation protection fabric, the signal of the mobile phone is obviously weakened, or cannot be connected when the mobile phone is dialed, indicating that the electromagnetic shielding effect is very good.


Nowadays, the social e-commerce platform is very developed. Many consumers prefer the convenient and fast online shopping. Online shopping for silver fiber radiation protection clothing has become the first choice for many pregnant mothers. In this case, there is no professional equipment to help detect the effect of radiation when purchasing radiation protection clothes. Therefore, pregnant mothers need to strengthen the discrimination and hands-on ability to detect the effect of radiation protection through these self-detection methods. , to ensure that their own purchase of silver fiber radiation protection can play a protective role for themselves and the fetus.

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