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How To Eliminate Static Electricity That Harms People's Health
- Jul 04, 2018 -

How to eliminate static electricity that harms people's health, the following method is simple and easy, you may wish to try!

1. When the indoor air humidity is lower than 30%, it is beneficial to generate static electricity by friction. If the temperature is raised to 45%, static electricity is difficult to produce. Therefore, when low-humidity weather occurs, it may be desirable to sprinkle some water at home, where it is not convenient to wet the floor, and place one or two basins of water to increase the indoor air humidity.

2. CRT work, electrostatic particles will be generated around the screen, and these particles will absorb a large amount of floating dust in the air. These charged dust have adverse effects on the human body and skin. Here, the CRT cannot be placed in the bedroom. Wash your face and wash your hands after reading.

3. For the elderly, children, static sensitive people, heart disease patients who can not find the cause, neurasthenia and mental patients, it is recommended to wear cotton underwear and underwear in the winter to reduce the adverse effects of static electricity on people.

4. Taking a bath and changing clothes frequently can effectively eliminate the static charge accumulated on the surface of the human body.

5. When the hair can't be combed, immerse the comb in the water and wait for the static electricity to be removed before combing it.

6. Barefoot facilitates the release of static electricity from the surface. Therefore, when you are relaxing, don’t let go of all the opportunities of barefoot.

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