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KAZHTEX Silver Fiber
- Feb 06, 2019 -

KAZHTEX silver fiber provides both antibacterial and deodorizing effects. Bacterial breeding can cause physical odor. Undoubtedly, the protein of qualitative change will also produce odor on products such as clothes and socks. The silver component on the surface of Hengtong silver fiber can quickly adsorb the protein of qualitative change. On the other hand, it reduces and eliminates the antibacterial function of odor silver fiber: the antibacterial function of silver fiber has been confirmed by many well-known institutions. In addition to many experiments and tests, in the past few years, it has often been the focus of many abstracts of medical publications. The outline of these documents consistently emphasizes that KAZHTEX silver fiber provides unparalleled antibacterial function, quite a lot. The discussion also confirms that when people wear KAZHTEX silver fiber products, they can effectively control the growth of sweat bacteria.

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