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Kazhtex Tells You How To Wash Silver Fiber Socks
- Jun 20, 2018 -

Someone always asks: "Silver can make socks"

The answer is yes "Yes"D7.jpg

However, with it, everyone is wondering, "How do you wash silver fiber socks?"

The silver fiber antibacterial and odor-resistant socks are made of pure silver fiber and combed long-staple cotton. The silver fiber is made of soft nylon fiber as the base material. Therefore, it still has the original attributes of textiles, and the basic wear and use are the same as conventional socks. As long as neutral detergent is used for washing, be careful not to use chlorine bleach. However, most common socks are made of pure cotton and can easily grow bacteria. However, Kazhtex silver socks with silver fiber added have excellent antibacterial properties. The antibacterial rate is more than 99.99%. It is a pair of socks that do not grow bacteria at all. Even if you wear it for many days, it will not sticky and stink! Does it save you a lot of effort to wash socks!

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