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Men Wear Socks Etiquette - Your Socks Right?
- May 31, 2018 -

In the past, a person's taste of dress often looked from above. Now it has become a look from the bottom up. There is a saying on Wall Street: Never believe a man with leather shoes. And now the girls look at men, there are classic words: Never ignore a person wearing black shoes and white socks. This shows that wearing etiquette on socks often reflects a person's cultivation. So how do you wear socks? Kazhtex silver socks tell you, remember a few simple things:

First, color. Color errors are the most glaring, so first notice. The general principle is that the colors of pants, socks, and shoes should be coordinated. There is also a saying that the color of socks, like trousers or leather shoes, is basically not wrong. Such as dark trousers, black shoes, it must be black socks; brown shoes, can be with brown or dark gray socks, and so on.One to one as many common black shoes and white socks, only to describe it as  silent .Wearing black shoes and white socks, only Michael Jackson can accept, because he is relying on such a dress to highlight the dance of the feet. As for the wear of others, the British have a special rating: such a dress is like a donkey's foot. Casual white socks can only be equipped with casual clothes, white shoes can be, and sports white socks are only suitable for sports shoes.

Second, the pattern 1-1, dress is generally equipped with no pattern, or dark flower socks.One to two, casual wear can wear colorful socks, as long as the coordination with the clothes and shoes on the line. If the clothes are fancy, then the socks will be elegant and do not let the socks win the color of the clothes; but if the clothes are relatively simple, then the socks can have some patterns or lively patterns, such as this year's popular European socks embroidered a small crab, that It is quite boring. One by one, sports socks generally exaggerate the pattern, express vitality and vitality with large patterns and crisp lines.

Third, the cylinder height For the length of the stockings, we generally hear about stockings, stockings and stockings. Here we are referring to socks. Socks in Western countries are generally higher than domestic ones. There are no hard size regulations for stockings in China. Generally, business socks may be slightly longer. You can choose stockings with a sock length of 15-16cm or more; Casual, home, jogging, you can choose 12-15cm or so shorts and socks; if it is badminton, table tennis, etc. shipped to, generally wear short-sleeved sports socks about 10cm to the ankle; with men's summer shorts, then it is necessary Recommended tube socks 5cm high.

Fourth, the material.The material of the socks should be matched with the clothing and the season. Raw materials of natural materials are always the best choice, and the selection of high-quality long-staple cotton socks is not particularly cold. It can be used as an excellent material for all seasons of the year. Of course, if you are in a cold area, you can also Choose thick wool socks.

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