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Men Wearing Etiquette
- Nov 02, 2018 -


- In formal business etiquette, men must wear suits, shirts and tie;



- The suit must be straight, the colors are mainly navy, dark blue, gray and beige, don't wear white, red, black (formal dinner can wear black suit) and green suit. The label of the new suit cuffs should be removed. Generally, only a button is worn in a suit, if it is a three-button suit. You can buckle the first two buttons, and you should untie them when you sit down.



- Shirts should be clean and tidy. Try not to wear shirts with bright flowers and Mingge, and wear long-sleeved shirts with good textures; light-colored shirts should not be too thin; cuffs and necklines should be clean and flat; cuffs should be fastened and sleeves should be better than The sleeve of the suit grows 1 cm and covers the back of the hand; the shirt with the buckle on the collar has to be buckled even if it is not tied; when the tie is not worn, the button of the shirt should be untied; do not wear too old, blister or Ball shirt


Tie - the color of the tie should not be lighter than the shirt, especially the black shirt and white tie; do not bring weird tie (such as leather, pearl); the tie hem should be longer than the belt buckle; when wearing a sweater or vest, the tie should be placed Put the shirt on the inside of the sweater and vest.

Belt - must be a black leather belt, belt buckle should not be too much, can not play other color belts, can not be too old.

Pants - trousers must not have pleats, must have trousers, not too short, should cover the upper.

leather shoes

- Men's leather shoes should be mainly dark, such as black, brown or gray. Don't wear too old shoes, be clean and not too high.

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