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Protection Against Electromagnetic Radiation
- Nov 23, 2018 -

The fundamental starting point for preventing or reducing the damage of electromagnetic radiation is to eliminate or reduce the strength of the magnetic field at the location of the human body. The main measures include shielding and absorption.

    Shielding is a technical measure that limits electromagnetic energy to a defined space based on the skin effect of electromagnetic waves and prevents diffusion to the protected area. Specifically, certain technical means are adopted to limit the action and influence of electromagnetic radiation in a certain space to prevent its propagation and diffusion. Usually, a shield composed of a plate, a sheet or a mesh metal is used for shielding. Silver fiber fabric is one of them. Because of its excellent electrical conductivity and softness comparable to ordinary fabrics, it can be widely used for electromagnetic radiation shielding in the fields of clothing and decoration. In addition, it is also possible to enhance the protection by reducing the leakage of the radiation source, such as reflection, absorption, and the like. To protect the radiation in the environment, the magnetic field strength is inversely proportional to the distance from the radiation source, and the power density is inversely proportional to the square of the distance. Therefore, as long as the radiation source is separated by a certain distance, the radiation can be significantly reduced.

    Absorption refers to the use of the resonance characteristics of certain materials, the use of material and free space impedance matching to absorb the electromagnetic radiation energy to reduce its intensity, to achieve the purpose of absorbing radiation energy, and is often used in the debugging of microwave equipment. It requires that the radiant energy be substantially attenuated near the field source to prevent contamination of a large area of space. At the same time, a wave energy absorbing device such as a power absorber or an equivalent antenna can be used in the main radiation direction. In addition, the shielding material and the absorbing material are superimposed to form a protective plate or a protective cover, which can prevent the directional propagation of electromagnetic radiation, absorb it to avoid secondary pollution caused by reflection, and greatly reduce the energy of electromagnetic radiation, and play a good role. Protective effect.

    In addition, in order to reduce the scope of electromagnetic radiation pollution, effective prevention and control measures should be taken for different types of radiation sources according to specific conditions, so that the leakage amount is minimized to achieve the purpose of eliminating pollution. In order to reduce the pollution of electromagnetic radiation, it is recommended to take the following measures to prevent: 1 Do not place the household appliances too concentrated, especially those with high power, high frequency and easy to generate electromagnetic waves. First, prevent each other. Interference, the second is not to become a concentrated area of radiation, especially some household appliances that are prone to electromagnetic waves, and should not be concentrated in the bedroom, so as not to expose yourself to the danger of overdose radiation. 2 All kinds of household appliances, office equipment, mobile phones, etc. should try to avoid long-term operation and simultaneous activation, and should purchase green appliances with less electromagnetic radiation. 3 Pay attention to the distance between the human body and the office and household appliances. The farther away from the electrical appliance, the smaller the electromagnetic wave is. 4 When placing the microwave oven, the height should be below the head of the human body to prevent damage to the human brain and eyes. During use, try to stay away from it. 5 Keep away from the electromagnetic radiation area as much as possible. If the housing is adjacent to the high-radiation area, it is possible to monitor the electrical equipment intensively and keep it within the safety environment index. 6 Conditional use of some protective measures, such as radiation suits, radiation protection aprons and so on. 7 eat more carrots, spinach and other foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and protein, often drink green tea. In addition, the consumption of ginseng preparations, schisandra, royal jelly, sputum and other drugs, in order to facilitate the regulation of the human body electromagnetic field disorder state, strengthen the body's ability to resist electromagnetic radiation, improve the recovery of organ tissue.

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