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Scientific Introduction Of Artificial Intelligence
- Sep 24, 2018 -

Practical application

Machine vision, fingerprint recognition, face recognition, retina recognition, iris recognition, palmprint recognition, expert system, automatic planning, intelligent search, theorem proof, game, automatic programming, intelligent control, robotics, language and image understanding, genetics Programming, etc.

Subject area

Artificial intelligence is an interdisciplinary subject that belongs to the intersection of natural sciences and social sciences.

Involved subject

Philosophy and cognitive science, mathematics, neurophysiology, psychology, computer science, information theory, cybernetics, uncertainty theory

Research area

Natural language processing, knowledge representation, intelligent search, reasoning, planning, machine learning, knowledge acquisition, combined scheduling problem, perception problem, pattern recognition, logic programming soft computing, inaccurate and uncertain management, artificial life, neural network, Complex system, genetic algorithm

Awareness and artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence, by its very nature, is a simulation of the information process of human thinking.

For people's thinking simulation can be carried out from two roads, one is structural simulation, modelling the structure of the human brain, creating a "human brain" machine; the second is functional simulation, temporarily opening the internal structure of the human brain, and from its The functional process is simulated. The generation of modern electronic computers is a simulation of the thinking function of the human brain, and it is a simulation of the information process of human brain thinking.

Weak artificial intelligence is constantly developing rapidly. Especially after the economic crisis in 2008, the United States, Japan and Europe hope to realize re-industrialization by robots. Industrial robots are developing at a faster speed than ever before, which has led to weak artificial intelligence and related industries. The constant breakthrough, many of the work that must be done by people can now be realized with robots.

Strong artificial intelligence is temporarily at the bottleneck, and it requires the efforts of scientists and humans.

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