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Silver Fiber Antibacterial Underwear Fabric Application
- Jun 27, 2018 -

(1) Apparel and health socks silver fiber can both antibacterial and deodorant and regulate body temperature, but also absorb moisture and promote the circulation of the human body. Therefore, if the silver fiber is blended with cotton, wool, hemp, cashmere, Modal, etc., it will be very suitable In underwear, pajamas, sportswear, T-shirts, etc. In addition, silver fiber is also very suitable for health socks, walking foot friction will produce a lot of static electricity, when these static electricity flows through the highly conductive silver fiber, the silver fiber will convert it into The effect of magnetic field and magnetic field can strengthen the blood circulation of the human body and have special ergonomics to help sleep and relieve fatigue. The magnetic force will promote the gravity-concentrated action on the blood of the feet, so wearing silver fiber socks can prevent the feet from swelling and relieve fatigue.

(2) Home textiles Silver fiber's excellent functions are also very suitable for home textile products, especially bedding that is in frequent contact with the human body, such as bedding (sheets, bedspreads, duvet covers), sofa fabrics, curtains, sleeping bags, etc.

(3) Electromagnetic Shielding Material Silver fiber can be used as an electromagnetic shielding textile material. It is mainly used in electronic, communications, military, and functional textiles, and has the tendency to replace nickel plating, copper plating fibers, and fabrics. Currently, nano silver fibers have been used in China. In anti-radiation maternity clothing, it can be predicted that the use of silver fiber in radiation protection clothing will have a broad market prospect in the future.

(4) Medical supplies Silver fiber can also be used to prepare medical supplies such as surgical gowns, nurses' clothing, hospital disinfection dressings, bandages, masks, etc. Its broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, safety, and long-lasting antibacterial functions in highly pathogenic environments Helps defend the body against the bacteria.

(5) Military equipment The field work clothes developed by this fiber have antibacterial, deodorant, radiation protection, antistatic, anti-pollution and other functions. It can extend the wear period in the harsh environment of water shortage and unconditional washing to protect human health.


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