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Silver Fiber Grounding Sheet
- Aug 22, 2018 -

Grounding sheet is our original brand; The earthing sheets made by Kazhtex silver fiber as the main raw

materials have the power of conducting, anti-bacterial and anti-radiation, etc. Through special grounding electric

equipment, supply the human body negative charge, neutralizing excess free radicals, eliminate subhealth,

eliminate inflammation, improve sleep, for a variety of senile chronic diseases have good natural healing function.

Many diseases of the body are linked to chronic inflammation, and too many free radicals in the body destroy normal cells, leading

to various diseases. Human sleep when the skin direct contact with grounding bedsheet, a lot of negative electron will pass into

human body by connecting grounding wires of bedsheet,thus reducing human potential, and surplus of free radicals in the human

body, resist cell oxidation, keep healthy.

Direct contact between the human body and the earth by grounding bedsheet, and generate electric back to the field; The negative

electron of nature keeps replenishing the body, improve the sleeping, eliminate sub-health, provide the most natural and

convenient health care in sleep.

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