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Silver Fiber Underwear
- Aug 24, 2018 -

Silver fiber women's antibacterial panties, fabrics are made of imported high quality fabric, the design of

the buttock plate from Taiwan, which is soft and skin care. Broad -spectrum antibacterial, effectively kill

all kinds of bacteria, mould, fungi, etc., antibacterial rate > 99.99%, and avoid the odor caused by

bacterial reproduction and death.

Silver fiber woven fabric is made into the crotch of fabric, antibacterial and

deodorizing, protecting the private and healthy. Light and soft, moisture

absorption perspiration, perfect fit, dress clean, hand wash and fast dry.

Comfort: Low static electricity, good skin care, comfort.

Breathability: The fibers are slender and tough, cool and free of bondage.

Antibacterial: Moisture absorption, antibacterial deodorant, natural healthy



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