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Silver Socks Are Popular
- Aug 30, 2018 -

Recently, a kind of clothing containing silver fiber material in the US market is very popular, and the sales volume is quite good. Whether it is socks, underwear, sportswear or mountaineering clothing manufacturers, they have joined the ranks of silver fiber clothing. In fact, silver fiber clothing is not only popular in the US market, but also very popular in China recently. Among them, silver fiber socks are more popular. What is the role of silver fiber material? Why are silver fiber socks fired?

Some American soldiers have put on silver fiber socks and T-shirts because the silver fibers in the clothes have the function of removing the odor from the soldiers. There are also a lot of silver fiber socks brands to promote "deodorant", "7 days no wash", "bactericidal effect of more than 99%", silver fiber really so amazing?

In fact, silver fiber refers to the permanent fixation of silver on the surface of the fiber through a special process, which will not be lost due to use and washing. Silver itself has good bactericidal properties. When your feet start to sweat, the water is basically free of any odor. The sweat that seals the shoes and the protein-rich skin combine to form a large number of bacteria. Environment, silver fiber socks can kill bacteria at this time, so that the feet can be restored to dry, thus preventing foot odor. So is silver fiber harmful to the body? Don't worry, in the EU and Japan, silver can be added to food as a food additive.


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