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The Benefits Of Wearing Silver Fiber Clothes
- Jun 17, 2018 -

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, silver fiber clothes have become more and more popular for everyone's life. Today, Suzhou Teck Silver Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. talked about the benefits of wearing silver fiber clothes.

  First of all, silver fiber clothes can absorb "toxins". Our human body will emit "toxins" that our body rejects every day, and silver can absorb these "toxins." Wearing a silver coat for babies can also excrete "fetal poison" in the baby's body. In the "Compendium of Materia Medica," it has been recorded that Yinneng Ann has five internal organs, which is centered on the mind, and he only fears and exterminates evil spirits. Can effectively soothe baby crying caused by fright, uncertain and so on. Silver can generate a magnetic field within a certain range, release a large number of silver ions, have a certain health effect on the baby! Since the thermal conductivity of silver is the most prominent among all noble metals, it can rapidly dissipate the heat of blood vessels and blood, has a good heat dissipation function for baby fever, and keeps the baby's body at a constant temperature. So it has more heat dissipation and heat insulation.

  Suzhou Tek Silver Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. takes "silver care, quality of life" as its tenet, and continuously introduces silver products exported for more than ten years to the country, giving elites a caring care, scientific and technological comfort, and extravagance. Experience, you are welcome to consult!

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