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The Main Function Of Silver Fiber Antibacterial Socks
- Oct 12, 2018 -

Silver fiber antibacterial socks can inhibit and kill 99.9% of fungi, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, etc. exposed to the surface of silver fiber within one hour, and sterilize more strongly in sweaty and humid environment; Diabetes patients prevent the occurrence of diabetic foot (the occurrence of diabetic foot is mainly due to the decrease of microcirculation function after diabetes, which causes the microcirculation of the foot away from the heart to be poor and the blood supply is insufficient, the pain is poor and easy to be injured. At the same time, the immune function of diabetic patients is decreased, very It is easy to cause bacterial infection and become what people call the diabetic foot. The silver-ion antibacterial socks have antibacterial function and improve microcirculation, which can prevent and delay the occurrence of diabetic foot. It can improve microcirculation and prevent bacteria in patients with diabetic foot. The efficacy of infection) has obvious auxiliary effects; it can convert human body static electricity into magnetic field, promote microcirculation, reduce foot swelling caused by pregnancy, standing and sedentary for a long time; improve dry skin symptoms, have moisture absorption, breathable, Soft and comfortable.

       Suzhou Tektronix Silver Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. tells you that if you wear silver fiber antibacterial socks for a long time, you can have the effect of foot beauty. The product has good durability, and it has a long-lasting effect of repeatedly washing antibacterial function and improving microcirculation.

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