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The Main Results Of Artificial Intelligence
- Sep 25, 2018 -

Man-machine game

On February 10-17, 1996, GARRY KASPAROV defeated DEEP BLUE 4:2.

From May 3 to 11, 1997, GARRY KASPAROV lost to the improved "dark blue" at 2.5:3.5.

February 2003 GARRY KASPAROV 3:3 draw "DEEP JUNIOR".

November 2003 GARRY KASPAROV 2: 2 draw "X3D German" (X3D-FRITZ).

Pattern recognition

Using the pattern recognition engine, the branch has a 2D recognition engine, a 3D recognition engine, a standing wave recognition engine, and a multidimensional recognition engine.

2D recognition engine has launched fingerprint recognition, portrait recognition, text recognition, image recognition, license plate recognition; standing wave recognition engine has launched speech recognition; 3D recognition engine has launched fingerprint recognition jade belt hanging in the forest (playing smart version 1.25)

Automatic engineering

Autopilot (OSO system)

Banknote printing factory (¥ line)

Falcon System (YOD Drawing)

Knowledge engineering

Taking knowledge itself as the object of treatment, researching how to use artificial intelligence and software technology to design, construct and maintain knowledge systems

expert system

Intelligent search engine

Computer vision and image processing

Machine translation and natural language understanding

Data mining and knowledge discovery

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