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The Stage Of Development Of Artificial Intelligence
- Sep 23, 2018 -

In the summer of 1956, a group of forward-looking young scientists, led by McCarthy, Minsky, Rochester and Shennong, gathered together to study and discuss a series of related problems with machine simulation intelligence, and proposed for the first time. The term "artificial intelligence" marks the official birth of the emerging discipline of "artificial intelligence." IBM's "dark blue" computer defeated the human world chess champion and is a perfect expression of artificial intelligence technology.

Since the official introduction of the artificial intelligence discipline in 1956, over 50 years, it has made great progress and become a wide-ranging crossover and cutting-edge science. In general, the purpose of artificial intelligence is to make the computer think like a human. If you want to make a machine that can think, you must know what is thinking, and further what is wisdom. What kind of machine is smart? Scientists have made cars, trains, airplanes, radios, etc., which mimic the functions of our body organs, but can they mimic the functions of the human brain? So far, we only know that the thing contained in our celestial cover is an organ made up of billions of nerve cells. We know very little about this thing, and imitating it may be the most difficult thing in the world.

When the computer appeared, humans began to have a tool that could simulate human thinking. In the years to come, countless scientists worked hard for this goal. Nowadays, artificial intelligence is no longer patented by several scientists. The computer departments of almost all universities in the world are studying this subject. The students who study computer must also learn such a course. With everyone’s unremitting efforts, nowadays The computer seems to have become very smart. For example, in May 1997, IBM's DEEP BLUE computer defeated chess master Kasparov. You may not notice that in some places computers help people to do other work that was originally only human, and the computer plays its role for humanity with its high speed and accuracy. Artificial intelligence has always been a frontier in computer science, and computer programming languages and other computer software have existed because of the advancement of artificial intelligence.

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