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There Are Various Anti-bacterial And Deodorant Socks In The Market, What Are The Differences Between Them And Silver Socks?
- May 07, 2018 -

Currently, "anti-bacterial and deodorant socks" commonly seen in the market are as follows:
(1) Ordinary anti-bacterial socks: socks are treated with finishing antiseptics, the effect of which would fade away after several washes, being no different with ordinary cotton socks. In addition, antiseptics are mostly organic compounds in the same category with pesticides, which are unsafe to human and poisonous, while drug resistance generated will reduce the body's immune system. 

(2) Silver ion anti-bacterial socks: similar to the above, silver ion antiseptics were added in the finishing process. The effect of silver ion anti-bacterial socks is obvious at the first time, but decreases significantly after washes, which is unable to achieve long-term and good anti-bacterial effect.

(3) Nanoparticle anti-bacterial socks: obvious effect for the first time and similarly not washable. Being invisible, the amount of nanoparticle silver could be much or little, and hard to control, moreover, some of them are just stunts. By the end of 2013, nanoparticle silver was prohibited in textiles in the US since it has security risks. Now that the US has prohibited the usage of nanoparticle silver in textiles, China may also prohibit the same in underwear in the future.

(4) Various natural anti-bacterial materials such as bamboo charcoal, bamboo fiber, chitosan fiber, etc., anti-bacterial socks made of which are less effective with rather low content due to limitation of processes, and can only be considered as hyped concepts. Through our development and market researches, people can feel the anti-bacterial effect in practicable wearing only when the anti-bacterial rate is up to 99.99%, under the which circumstance socks can do without wash for several days. Since bacteria grows exponentially, the amount of residual bacteria at the rate of 99% is 10 times larger than that at 99.9%, and 100 times larger than that at 99.99%, moreover, the mass bacteria reproduction when being worn will also add to stinky smells, let alone those with the anti-bacterial rate at 60%-70%, which are only slightly better than ordinary cotton socks.
Kazhtex® silver socks are safe (with safety report), highly effective (anti-bacterial rate of 99.99%) and washable (with test report for those washed for 50 times).
With visible silver fibers, the socks will do without washing for 5 days with significant deodorant effect and cost efficiency.

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Silver socks, safer without nanoparticle

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