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What Is The Concept Of Free Radicals?
- Aug 02, 2018 -

Compared to a hundred years ago, our lifestyle has undergone a major change. Briefly speaking, on the one hand, it is chemical: modern factories produce a large number of chemical products, including pesticides and fertilizers, food additives, plastic products, petroleum gas, antibiotics, etc., in the production and use of chemical products, a large number of chemical pollution. On the other hand, it is physical: the invention of electricity has been more than a hundred years, but modern people have been completely surrounded by various types of electrical appliances. The electromagnetic fields of various frequencies generated by electricity are filled with the space of our lives, and they cannot be seen or touched. It constantly affects our internal charge. Whether it is chemical pollution or electromagnetic radiation, a large amount of free radicals will eventually be produced. In the long evolution of human history, the external invasions encountered by human organisms are mainly viruses and bacteria, but now, free radicals brought by lifestyle and environment have become more invisible pathogenic factors.

We know that people can not eat or drink for a few days, but they can't live without breathing for a moment. In this breath, the main source of metabolism is oxygen. But just as iron that is exposed to the air oxidizes and rusts, the body also oxidizes. The body absorbs the ingested nutrients through oxidation to provide the energy needed for life activities, but it also produces harmful metabolites, which are free radicals. Just as wood burning produces ash, life activities burn energy all the time, which inevitably produces free radicals. From the microscopic world, free radicals are atomic groups containing unpaired electrons, that is, molecules with positive electric charges. When combining atomic groups, atomic groups require electrons to appear in pairs, so free radicals are everywhere to go to other substances. Electrons (with negative electricity) to neutralize their positive electricity to form a stable substance. The material that has been de-electronized, its original stable state is destroyed, and this process becomes oxidation.

Under normal circumstances, free radicals play a positive role in our body's immune system. When our body is inflamed by viral bacteria, white blood cells in the blood secrete more free radicals to help, free radicals. Upon reaching the site of inflammation, the electrons of the pathogen and the damaged cells are captured to obtain electrons that are missing funds, which destroys the cells of the pathogen and causes the pathogen to die, so that it no longer jeopardizes the body.

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