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Why Should We Ground The Gas?
- Jan 25, 2019 -

Since humans wear insulated rubber shoes, they have lived in luxurious and dense buildings. More than 20 floors of high-rise buildings, home and office use almost all insulating materials such as wood and ceramic tiles. It is inseparable from the use of electronic devices for 24 hours. All of these have already disconnected humans from the earth, and let humans gradually move away from the embrace and care of Mother Earth. As a result, the number of free radicals in the human body is increasing. Free radicals are the cause of inflammation and cause diseases of human immune system. Because of the incentives, the probability of human suffering from chronic diseases is rising. We can imagine a poorly connected light bulb that flashes, emits a faint afterglow, or even does not light up. Many people are in a sub-health state throughout their lives, and they are physically and mentally weak. The root cause of all these is that human beings are not grounded, have no grounding gas, and do not let the inexhaustible natural healing energy of the earth enter the body.

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