Antimicrobial Single Jersey Knitting Fabirc

Composition: Cotton: 77% silver fiber: 15% Spandex: 8%
GSM: 140g/m²
Width: 165cm
Specification: 40S/4+40D/1+20D

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Product Details
  1. Article  Name: anti-bacterial knitting jersey fabric 

2. Article Number: SKC140
3. Composition: Cotton: 77% silver fiber: 15% Spandex: 8%
4. GSM: 140g/m²
5. Width: 165cm
Silver fiber can not only antibacterial and deodorant but also regulate body temperature, but also absorb moisture and promote the circulation of the human body. Therefore, if the silver fiber is blended with cotton, wool, hemp, cashmere, Modal, etc., it will be very suitable for underwear, pajamas, sportswear. , T-shirts, etc. In addition, silver fiber is also very suitable for health socks, walking foot friction will produce a lot of static electricity, when these static electricity flows through the highly conductive silver fiber, the silver fiber will convert it into a magnetic field, the role of the magnetic field can be strengthened Human blood circulation, with special ergonomics to help sleep, relieve fatigue. Magnetic force will promote the focus of the gravity of the blood in the foot, so wearing silver fiber socks can prevent foot swelling, relieve fatigue.

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